A constant thought when I conceptualize.

2 years ago. On the first day of one of my VC classes, my process of design thinking changed completely.

We had the usual first day agenda....attendance, congrats you made it past sophomore review, here's the syllabus, here are the learning outcomes set for this semester.....you know what I'm talking about. The, "oh it's the first week of classes, nothing will be done this week", kind of attitude. 

Well, little did I know that my professor would say something, that I'm certain I took to literal at the time, something that would have me rethink my outcomes at different design points in my design process.

Ok, ok, I'll get to it.

He said, "when researching and designing, don't ask yourself, what does this mean - ask yourself, what can this mean." 

Four words, what can it mean.

Through the last couple of years that has come on strongly throughout projects, jobs, life in general. I have gained a better understanding on perspectives, relevancy, meaning, at times empathy. I use those four words in every aspect of my life, at times very abstractly, but at other times literally. 

Those words always have me, in my design process, diverging just a little bit more. Then, when I think I have diverged enough....I go a little bit deeper.